It’s Time

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I really think it’s time for you
to start believing in yourself again, one more chance
I think it’s time for you to sing,
to sing the song of your live once again, once again

And yeah I know that you have changed
but that doesn’t mean that you’re not the same, forget the blame
And I think the tears falling out of your eyes
is just the price of every single blame, but thing always chance

See the stars they even rise, in the darkest night to shine, to light your way
And even the moon will reflect the sun, just for you so you can run, in any way
And girl you can think a lot but I will say: it’s not to late

It’s been some months since we have talked
and I just needed something to say, something to say
I know that I don’t understand
every single plan of every single day, but things always change

No, I’m not the man who I thought I was,
I don’t have a choice but to give it up, it’s time (2x)
Oh, you take my hand and you hold it tight,
because together we will make it through the fight, it’s time (2x)